Premium outerwear
from world’s famous brands

Our company represents a high-quality outerwear with the original design from the world's leading manufacturers. It is designed for business people, who prefer elegant style.

The Artizana Fashion Company is one of the leading companies in Moldova importing stylish outwear for men and women. For many years we have been cooperating with the largest manufacturers of high-quality outerwear from leather and fur, as well as from the modern materials.

We are the exclusive distributors of such fashion brands as Sartoria Marenero, Levinson, Giorgio Rotti, Emiliano Zapata, Fontanelli AFG, Diego M Milano — well-known companies all over the world. These brands produce stylish outerwear for fashion-conscious people. The natural leather and furs emphasize the status of the outwear’s owner creating a certain image. The Artizana Fashion offers its customers high-quality clothing, combining modern technology with a classic style. We have also launched our own brand of outerwear GT Collection — designed for the confident men who prefer stylish modern clothes. Our designers create both classic models of outerwear and those that correspond to the latest fashion trends. In GT Collection outwear you can express yourself and loudly declare your status in society without words.

Artizana Fashion — innovations in the classical style.

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